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What is 1Malaysia TV application?

1Malaysia TV is an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service provided for mobile devices (Smartphone and tablets) that runs on Apple OS, Blackberry and Android. 1Malaysia TV application DEMO


What platform do you support?

- Apple : iPhone 3GS or later, running on iOS 4.3 and above
- Blackberry : Blackberry OS version 5, 6 and 7.
- Android : Android version 2.3 and above (note that not all device models are supported)


Does it cost anything to use 1Malaysia TV?

1Malaysia TV application is absolutely free for all iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices and does not require any additional "In App" purchase. *Please note when you use 1Malaysia TV on a 3G network you might incur operator data charges or internet access fees.


Why should I use it?

The 1Malaysia TV mobile application provides possibility for users to stream TV channels via their mobile devices anywhere, anytime & on-the-go.


How do I download the 1 Malaysia TV application?

You can DOWNLOAD our application by following these simple instructions provided on here.


Can I use 1Malaysia TV internationally?

Yes! 1Malaysia TV is an internet based TV and therefore can be viewed anywhere in the world, and on the go.


Why do you use the name 1Malaysia TV?

Because we are a private company that supports unity, patriotism and key performance amongst Malaysians of today, aligned with the vision 2020.


Why does it show blank screen when I select one of the channels?
The video might take some time to load depends on your mobile network connectivity. If the video doesn't load for more than 30 seconds, you can try to reload the channel by reselecting it again.


Why is the error "media file error" / "cannot play media" shows on my screen on Android or "java.lang.exception player error 8" on my Blackberry?
There might be instability of your mobile network connectivity. Please ensure your mobile network coverage signal is stable before trying again.

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